Chocolate covered bananas
April 26, 2010, 20:54
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Our bananas are hand-dipped in mouth-watering chocolate and, if you wish, generously sprinkled with finely-granulated peanuts. Frutopia makes chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered bananas,chocolate marshmellows, chocolate pretzels to sell as gifts and at festivals, social events, parties, fairs. Dipped Fruit ™ offers a wide variety of chocolate dipped fruit gifts like chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered bananas etc and Also has a variety of hand dipped. -Chocolate dipped Pineapple Rings- $2.50 per ring - Dipped Pineapple Chunks- $1.50 per chunk - Chocolate covered Jumbo pretzels- $1.50 per - Chocolate covered baby bananas - $ 1.50. Frozen banana pops are easy to make for the kinds or a special party. Bananas are coated with melted chocolate then frozen solid.
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